Thursday, March 09, 2006

Sitting With The Sick

I had a really good day. Today was my turn to go and sit with a sick sister in our church. In our church it is a tradition for women or men in our assembly to take care of the ill. We all rely on that and know that we will each have our turn. There is none amongst us who hasn't had a moment where we needed someone to come and take care of us in one way or another. Whether it was having dinners brought in when we have our babies, coming in and praying for us when we are sick or hurt, or even calling upon one another because we are in a jam. This is a way of life for us and we all heavily depend on it.

So today was my day. I got up, dressed Roman and headed down the mountain. It was cold outside, but the sun was shining. I pulled up in her country drive, grabbed the baby, diaper bag and headed for the door. I knocked and was told to come in right away. As I stepped inside I could feel the warmth of the woodstove and was greeted with a warm hello. I felt at ease immediately. I sat down in the chair and she cooed over Roman, as we began to settle in. Our conversation flowed and we talked on all matters of good things. Never once did she complain, but encouraged me about her love and optimism for the Lord. I felt so relaxed and even sat on the floor while flipping through some of her cookbooks. She shared some of her favorite recipes with me and I enjoyed getting to be a part of her little world for the day. How ironic it is to go and help others, but in the process you come away more strengthened yourself. I relished the afternoon as we listened to some of her gospel cds and talked about which ones were our favorites and why. These kinds of moments allow us to see into one another's hearts. It's in these times that we learn who each is and what they stand in need of. How fortunate I feel to be able to share in it. As the afternoon was drawing to a close, I could tell she was tired and was looking forward to her husband coming home. As I said my goodbyes and headed for my suburban I thought how much love I felt, how lucky we were, that although this is a trial for her its a gift in so many ways to others. That sometimes it's difficult to ask for help, I know it has been for me at times, but the rewards are so worth the asking.


Salena said...

Trina you have such a beautiful soul, may God bless you all the days of your life. You are an amazing woman, you give me strength and encouragement through your blogs, thank you!

Nicki said...

Trina, you are so right. It is such a blessing that when we are helping others, God will find a way to refresh or strengthen us in the process.

We do these same things in our church. Having many times been on both the receiving end and giving end, I receive such encouragement from it. It really is a wonderful example of agape love.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

How interesting you would blog on this- I was going to do such a similar one, on a recent experience! How when ministering to others you really walk away "ministered to" important for us to reach out to others because it really is a life lesson to ourselves "in disguise" so very very very true!!!!

momto3blessings said...

I think it is wonderful that you do that for each other. You Know I wish we had that here.
Its funny how things work sometimes when you go to help someone else you are also helped. It is wonderful.