Thursday, February 23, 2006

One of Many "Little Rascal" Antics

One of my favorite tv programs growing up was, "The Little Rascals", you know the old black and white show that had a bunch of kids from 2-6 years old in the Depression Era. I used to watch those episodes every Saturday morning at 10:00am. I can't believe I can still remember the time and day....LOL. Anyway I was thinking about a stunt I pulled because I had been inspired by that show.

My Mom collected the little soaps from hotels from all over the country. Why? Uhhh... I still don't know the answer to that, but regardless she did and they sat in a basket on the back of the toilet. Again, not pretty. Anyway I guess I didn't respect this new found collection then, anymore then I understand it now, because I decided after
watching one of my hooligan episodes, one Saturday morning, that those travel size soaps were calling my name. Now my Mom was a very consistent Mom so I don't know what possessed me to go ahead with this crazy idea, but I felt that the thrill of this experience would be enough to override whatever discipline I was going to be in for. So my Mom had left me and my sister alone for a short while and I found myself wandering into our bathroom staring down those soapbars. I strategically took this basket and brought it into the kitchen. I carefully went through the soaps looking for the ones that weren't wrapped as pretty, but would also serve my purpose. At this time I unwrapped a handful of them, and began to contemplate how to attach them to feet. You see, I had seen an episode where, "The Little Rascals" were skating across the floor with them. Actually washing the floor, having a blast, and were enveloped in bubbles to boot. Could you ask for more? I mean come on, I was actually going to be doing my Mom a favor. Right?

Needless to say, I couldn't figure out how to strap the soap on to the bottom of my foot. I had masking tape wrapped around my foot and the bar of soap so many times that now you couldn't see the soap. Well that wouldn't work. So after many times of reconfiguring this, and wasting an entire roll of tape, I decided it was good enough. I mean I was running out of time, Mom wasn't going to be gone forever. So then I doused the floor with enough water to swab the decks. I was so excited at this time. I should tell you that our kitchen was incredibly small, but it was a hallway kitchen and I hoped, that with me running from the family room, I could gain enough momentum to glide across that floor like a figure skater. However, when I hit the floor I didn't glide at all, in fact it was like hitting gravel and I fell flat on my face. I didn't let this discourage me, who cares that my pantknees were sopping wet. I was just one glide away from bubbles dancing around me and skating a routine my mother would be proud of.

After so many tries and failures I decided I had better hurry and get this mess cleaned up. I wiped up the floor with a few bathroom towels and put the basket of inconspicuous soaps back on the toilet, where they belonged. On my Mom's return I acted as if all was normal. To be honest I had a false sense of security as I watched tv, forgetting all about my Rascal antics, when my Mom stepped into the kitchen. I glanced in her direction to say hello when I noticed a puzzled look on her face. This is when fear kicked in. Somehow my Mom just knew things, I could never figure out how. She skidded her feet across the floor a few times with a look of puzzlement. I proceeded to join her and examined the floor with the same pretend puzzlement on my face. I mean all I could think of was, "Go with the flow Trina, don't give yourself away." She had said aloud how odd the floor felt. She asked me if I felt something weird. I stated that I did not, but I am sure my sweating was giving me away. I knew I was a gonner though when she laid on the family room floor so that she could get a closer view of the linoleum. She said that it seemed like there was SOAP on the floor or something. I laid on the floor with her acting just as puzzled as she. We began conversing about the oddity of the whole preposterous circumstance. The undoing of me was when she took her fingernail, scraped the scum, and smelled it. At this moment was when the truth serum kicked in and the ugly confession spilled out of me. To this day though, I still laugh. I wish I could say that was my only "Little Rascals" incident, but we will save that for another time.


MarylandMommy said...

What a great story, had me in stitches!!!

Nicki said...

Trina, that is just too funny. What a great story to tell your own children. You won't have to worry about them trying it on your kitchen floor because they know from your experience that it doesn't work like it does on TV.

momto3blessings said...

That is Hilarious.I especially love the picture.

Kim said...

LOL That was so funny! I was chuckling the whole time. :) And now you're the mom of all boys. ;)